We support successful business development overseas through consulting and business matching



We provide consulting services for companies wishing to expand their business overseas, as well as support after the expansion. We also provide overseas research support for government organizations. Our consultants analyze and evaluate the market in each country based on the country’s unique political and economic situation, culture and technology. Additionally, we contribute to the speedy overseas business development by helping create various action plans: from product development, sales and marketing to procurement and manufacturing plans.
  1. PEST analysis
  2. Business evaluation
  3. Marketing plan formulation support
  4. Product development planning suport
  5. Sales and market introduction planning support
  6. Procurement, production plan formulation support
Business Matching

Business Matching

We help establish partnerships between Japanese and foreign companies. We support the building of win-win partnerships, including the establishment of sales agencies, manufacturing subcontractors and joint ventures, through providing a list of potential candidates, selecting the best matches, setting up and assisting business negotiations, and helping out all throughout the signing of the contract.
  1. Building a long list of potential partners
  2. Building a short list of potential partners
  3. Candidate selection support
  4. Negotiation setting
  5. Contract cosigning support

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Manager Member

  • Hideaki MoriHideaki MoriChief Executive Officer
  • Takanori OyaTakanori OyaSenior Manager
  • Yasufumi YoshinoYasufumi YoshinoSenior Manager
  • Jungah ParkJungah ParkMarket Intelligence Senior Lead Analyst
  • Naomi OdaNaomi OdaManager


“Keeping the global close at hand.”

In the ever globalizing world, where planning overseas expansion is essential for creating a successful business, Prove is a company that provides global development support. Our highly skilled team members use their overseas consulting and business matching experience to lead the client companies towards success in their global market conquest.


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